The GdfidL Electromagnetic Field Simulator

GdfidL computes electromagnetic Fields in 3D-Structures. It is optimised for Multi-Core Systems and Clusters of such Systems.

GdfidL computes

The Postprocessor computes from these Fields eg.



GdfidL is available for almost every hardware Platform.
GdfidL only runs on UNIX-like operating Systems.


The Price for a one Year License for the single Machine Version of GdfidL (including Support) starts at 10.000 Euros for Linux-on-AMD64 Computers.
The Price for a one Year License for the Cluster Versions starts at 20.000 Euros for Linux-on-AMD64 Clusters.
Access to powerful Servers where GdfidL is installed on costs 9.000 Euros per Year.

Powerful Syntax Material Approximation Periodic Boundary Conditions

The Syntax Description, with some Examples.

The PDF of the Syntax Description.

The Tutorial as HTML.

The Tutorial as PDF.

The Inputfiles of the Manual etc.

An Example how to Model a complicated Cavity.

A Comparison with a Mode-Matching Code.

A Paper describing the Material Approximation and the periodic Boundary Conditions is here (pdf), or here (ps).

Some Examples of the Usage.

Some Movies computed with GdfidL.

The PhD-Thesis of Oscar Frasciello, most of that Results were computed with GdfidL.

Oscar Frasciello, 2015, "Wake fields and impedance calculations of LHC collimators' real structures", PhD thesis, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

"Super-efficient Work-Horse Code" (Walter Wuensch).

The Impressum is here.